Judy Qiu

Judy Qiu
Associate Professor and Assistant Director

Ph.D., Syracuse University (Computer and Information Science), 2005

Judy Qiu graduated from Syracuse University with an Outstanding Graduate Student Award, completing her thesis is in area of web services and collaboration systems. In 2006, she started the multicore project with Microsoft, Inc. and initial Post Doctoral work focusing on performance of threading versus MPI in both kernels and data mining application. This research effort has evolved into the current SALSA project http://salsaweb.indiana.edu/salsa/ encompassing data-intensive computing at the intersection of Cloud and multicore technologies. Qiu’s research interests involve the architecture and use of leading-edge technologies, with special emphasis on their value to important applications such as life science applications and data intensive technologies using Dryad and Hadoop.

As an Assistant Director for the Community Gris Lab, Qiu leads the SALSA research team and supervises research activities of both professional staff and PhD students from the IU Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering. Qiu is committed to education and diversity, including projects focusing on undergraduate research and involving students from under-represented communities. She is also active in service to the technical community, serving as a member of conference program committees, a reviewer for journal and conference publications, and an organizer of numerous workshops, tutorials, and exhibitions for national and international conferences.