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Welcome to the NPAC Web Site

The Northeast Parallel Architectures Center (NPAC) is a research and development center focusing on modern computer science for both large-scale information and simulation applications.

NPAC is part of Syracuse University but mixes synergistically faculty, students and professional staff. NPAC performs leading edge research and also develop significant software systems that can be used by industry.

Quick References

  • Java: All things Java!
  • What's New : An archive of materials and pointers for the NPAC Web Site
  • Services: Various services at NPAC are listed here including access statistics
  • Java Grande: Website for the Java Grande Forum
  • Parallel Computing Works: An online version of the book
  • Asynchronous Transfer Mode Tutorial: A tutorial presenting overview of ATM and Gigabit Networks.
  • Interactive distance learning, education, and training
  • The NPAC Visible Human Viewer: The Northeast Parallel Architectures Center (NPAC) at Syracuse University has obtained a copy of the Visible Human data set and is working on processing the raw data to produce two and three dimensional images that can be accessed over the Internet for educational purposes.



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