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    • Community Grids Laboratory, Indiana University, Dr. Geoffrey Fox, and
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MSI-CIEC OptiPortal Workshop 2011
Written by Jeff Sale   
Tuesday, 06 September 2011 17:16

In collaboration with Richard Alό, Program Director at NSF and Professor Ongard Sirisaengtaksin of UHD,  CALIT2 and Project GreenLight are hosting a September MSI-CIEC Workshop on OptIPortable configuration and operation.  This workshop is supported by the National Science Foundation, through the CI-TEAM Minority Serving Institutions - CyberInfrastructure Empowerment Coalition (MSI-CIEC) and the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology.

View videos of some of the presentations and demonstrations from this event.

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DOWNLOAD_THIS_FILE_SCal-IT2 MSI CIEC 2011 Workshop Agenda 106 Kb
DOWNLOAD_THIS_FILE_SDeFanti-NSFoptiportalWorkshop-September-14-2011-30min-small.pdfTom Defanti's Slides3253 Kb
DOWNLOAD_THIS_FILE_SEHR-KEY_programs_calit2.pptRichard Alo slides507 Kb
DOWNLOAD_THIS_FILE_Smsiciec_hidley_091511.pdfGreg Hidley slides2882 Kb
DOWNLOAD_THIS_FILE_SOP-classic-bom090811.xlsOptiportable Bill of Materials76 Kb
DOWNLOAD_THIS_FILE_Srenambot-what-is-sage.pdfLuc Renambot's Slides2543 Kb


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