Spring 2004

e-Science e-Business e-Government and their Technologies

A class on Grid Applications and Technologies



Final Project

Design and develop a web service application that uses the web service toolkits provided by either Amazon or Google. You should provide the following:

  • An initial client design: This should state what your client application will do, how you will build it (JSP and/or java). These should be approved by April 12.
  • An initial feasibility prototype: This should include both code and a sample prototype. This will verify that you can complete the project. You should submit your prototype client, by April 26. This client should demonstrate that you can remotely invoke the chosen service. This will be 25% of your final project grade.
  • A final project: You should submit the following as a single zip file:< >Your design documents: These should include the following sections: software requirements (that is, the problems to be solved); project components and architecture; and implementation details.Installation instructions: system requirements and compile/deploy instructions.A user's manual.The source code.You will be graded on both your code (50%) and your project report (25%). The remaining 25% of the grade will be from the feasibility prototype. You projects must be readily deployable. You may want to let other class members attempt to install and run your projects using only your documentation with no additional assistance from you.