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An SVG Solitaire Game

This implementation of Solitaire is pure SVG, with JavaScript event handlers. It was created using Adobe Illustrator and XSLT, and has been tested with the Adobe 3.0 browser plugin.

Interface is similar to Windows Solitaire. Click a reversed card to expose one or more cards. Drag a playable card to move it (and any overlying cards) to a different stack. Click a playable card (such as an ace) to move it directly to a suit stack. Reload this page to start a new game.

Rules: Cards are turned over from the stock pile (top left) three at a time. You may go through the stock as many times as you like. Other rules are standard. The object is to get all cards onto four suit stacks (top right). Cards in a suit stack must be in ascending order of rank, starting with an ace, and following suit. In general a card can only be placed on one of the seven tableau stacks if it joins a run of descending rank and alternating color. But a king can move to an empty tableau space.

Source bundle for the automatically generated SVG is available as a zip file. For an earlier SVG solitaire, see here.

Bryan Carpenter, ( Last updated October 2003.