NIST: Reusable Hybrid Multi-Services Data Analytics Framework

Over the last several years, the computation landscape for conducting data an- alytics has completely changed. While in the past a lot of the activities have been undertaken in isolation by companies and research institutions, today’s in- frastructure constitutes a wealth of services offered by a variety of providers that offer opportunities for reuse and interactions.

We will expand analytics services to focus on developing a frame- work for reusable hybrid multi-service data analytics. It includes (a) a technology review that explicitly targets the intersection of hybrid multi-provider analytics services (b) enhancing the concepts of services to showcase how hybrid, as well as multi-provider services, can be integrated and reused via the proposed framework, (d) address analytics service composition, and (c) integrate container technologies to achieve state-of-the-art analytics service deployment capabilities.

PI: Gregor von Laszewski,

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