Arup Sarker

Ph.D. Student

Arup Sarker

Arup Sarker is a student at the University of Virginia, class of 2021, pursuing a Ph.D. in Computer Science. He is working as a research assistant at the UVA biocomplexity Institute where he currently focuses on developing an HPC framework for a distributed environment. In the past, until the middle of last year, he worked on 3D data processing based on point cloud or voxel-based motion planning and control in an autonomous vehicle, as well as security research in IoT Trust computing. Prior to this, he was a Staff Engineer at Samsung R&D Institute Bangladesh Ltd. starting from September 2011. During his tenure, he had the opportunity to work with various cutting-edge technologies that were leading the market. He made significant contributions to the development of the Android platform, particularly on Audio/Video, Frameworks, and Network protocols for transmitting data in mission-critical services, as well as Gear360 and many others. From the beginning of his time at Samsung, all of his work revolved around designing and developing embedded and distributed solutions that required data transmission over networks. Even as a feature phone developer in 2011, he was responsible for the system modules used to transmit calls and messages.

His interests include High-Performance Computing in Distributed Environments, Multi-Level Compiler optimization for parallel programming, Distributed heterogeneous AI architecture, and 3D vision for the autonomous system.

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